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Conspiracy Chocolate AWA Mooncake Order Form

Designed to celebrate local ingredients and flavours, on the seam between sweet and savoury, the Conspiracy Mooncake surprises you with every bite of goodness with complex layering of flavours from the luxurious ganache to the bright core, encapsulated by conspiracy's signature oat white chocolate.

cc mooncakes duo_


Our mooncakes:


Snow Skin inspired, white chocolate (vegan) coating, delicate and soft enough to cut clean to 4-6 pieces.

A bright, tart filling of home made Mango and yuzu jam, gently seasoned with toasted green sichuan pepper.

Balanced, rich, semi-set ganache made of red dates, almonds and dark chocolate.


Comes in a red tin box with 4 mooncakes (50g each)

Vegan, low sugar, gluten-free


To get a 30% discount on our mooncake box:


1) Go to our Mooncake product page

2) Enter discount code MOON30 at checkout 

Delivery/pick up available from 19th of September, contact us at if you wish to pick up earlier

Order by September 8th to enjoy the special offer

Remember to enter the discount code at checkout to enjoy the special offer!

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