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Our Method

Learn how our chocolate is made. How the way we ferment, roast, grind and age cacao affects your plates and your guests' experience. Allow us to prepare your team with knowledge that enhances the power of your desserts, or even savoury plates.

Flavour, texture and aroma


Conspiracy's cacao is grown and fermented in the region of Dak Lak, Vietnam, alongside green peppercorn (similar to Kampot), and watermelon.

All of our products are 100% made of cacao from the same farm, meaning you will find this profile in our cacao beans, nibs, husks, single origin chocolate (100%, 85%, 75%) and coarse ground chocolate, as well as the cacao butter (which carries an AMAZING smell of cherries), and both raw and roasted cacao powder.


Tasting notes

slow journey starting with cherry, developing into warm spice and toffee with a hint of nut. smoke and tobacco finish.

Genetics and Transformation
cultivation_Merakyla Icons.png

Once the fruit is ripe, the farmer de-pods the cacao beans. He ferments them in their natural ecosystem and familiar micro biology. They ferment by their own wild yeast under the tree they grew on, inside a wooden box lined with banana leaves. This part is extremely sensitive as it amplifies the plant's flavour notes, giving the cacao a character with sharp edges that we can polish gently to the chocolate's final personality.

fermentation_Merakyla Icons.png

Our farmer choose the cacao's DNA carefully: the farm grows 5 different genetics. Their total sum adds up to the flavour of our chocolate.

drying_Merakyla Icons.png

The beans are then dried in the sun. It is important not to use any machinery to transform the cacao at these stages as it will give the chocolate a noticeable boring-ness (a common "synthetic" flavour).

We then roast the dry beans gently, highlighting our favorite notes, and grind them with volcanic rock for 48 hours. this process reduces acidity and fine-tunes the roast profile, shaping the chocolate's personality from the cacao's character.

Lastly, the chocolate ages for a month, maturing and stabilising its flavour profile.

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