chocolate jungle

Conspiracy celebrates cacao in all its forms from ancient to traditional and modern. The Chocolate Jungle  will bring visitors on a journey from the bean to the bar; into the jungle where cacao grows and into the lab where chocolate is made.

Find us at

1 Leung I Fong, Sai Ying Pun

(Freida Club)


Between November 28th and December 11th.

11 am -7 pm

Tropical Leaves



The conspiracy has been growing for almost four years. In this time our big dream has been to share our passion for chocolate with you in person.


At this point of the journey, right before winter starts and chocolate is on everybody’s mind, we are taking over a stylish space in our favourite neighbourhood, Sai Ying Pun, and loading it full of chocolate in all its forms, ones you’ve seen before, creative, and even unimaginable.


Whether you’re looking to buy chocolate or just curious about this magical food and want to take in the vibe, we invite you to come over with a big appetite for a magical chocolate experience.

Chocolate Jungle will be open for two weeks, during which visitors will get the opportunity to taste a wide range of chocolate, cacao tea and other cacao creations, attend our signature chocolate making workshops and chocolate truffle workshops for kids, learn how cacao becomes chocolate, and attend tasting and pairing events featuring our favourite F&B creators and experts:

Whisky Library, Crushed, Yardly Brothers, Jouer, Drew Chigorimbo, Teakha, Salseria, Fico, Katie Chan, Simran Savlani, and Florentin Skincare.