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Conspiracy's Mooncake Edition 


Every year during Mid-autumn festival, Conspiracy Chocolate assembles our most complex and decadent chocolate mooncake. The Conspiracy Mooncake follows our path of marrying the culinary tradition of Hong Kong, incorporating those of Europe and the Mediterranean. It is accidentally vegan, of course.


The Mooncake

Our Signature Single Origin 75% Dak Lak Vietnam chocolate coating.


Rich, thick, semi-set ganache made of sesame, mejdool  and dark chocolate for an indulgent bite that mimics the traditional mooncake. 

A sweet, tart filling of homemade raspberry and red wine jam, gently seasoned with toasted sichuan pepper and safflower, creating a soft, fresh and juicy centrepiece. 

To be shared with loved ones.. 

The Conspiracy Mooncake surprises you with every bite of goodness, with a complex layering of flavours from the luxurious ganache to the rich and decadent core, encapsulated by conspiracy's own favourite, Dak Lak 75 single origin chocolate.

Our chocolate


We make dark chocolate by hand in Hong Kong following the bean-to-bar process to retain the natural taste and benefits of the cacao.