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CNY Hamper


To celebrate the new year, Conspiracy Chocolate has partnered with Fico Wines to offer a unique combination of fine wine and champagne with handcrafted single origin chocolate. 

The first pairing is a champagne and a floral earl grey single origin chocolate that reveals itself thanks to the bubbles of the champagne. 

The second pairing is a 30 year old fortified wine from Mas Amiel paired with a sichuan pepper single origin chocolate that brings out the more delicate notes of the refined and bold wine. 


CNY Special


For CNY, we looked to design a chocolate bar representing some of our favourite flavours of Hong Kong.

We paired a 7 year cured tangerine peel with soy soaked sesame. To balance these intense flavours, we also added fresh dried tangerine peel, and fresh toasted sesame.

The strong flavours balance each other to offer a journey with layers of flavours that intertwine





A chocolate Lai See?


The first CNY of Conspiracy Chocolate, we decided very last minute to come up with a special flavour. We started by toasting sesame and Amit saw the soy sauce next to the stove and decided to throw some in there, next came the tangerine peels that we ate kilos of.. a few experiments later we came up with a tangerine and soy sesame flavour.


Not having thought much of the packaging, we bought some red packets for the bars and started to sell them like that!


Two years down the line, we are revisiting the idea with a similar but evolved flavour and red packet!


This bar is a combination of cured and fresh tangerine and toasted sesame with soy-soaked sesame seeds. A rich and complex flavour to start the new year on a sweet note!


Because we think gifting chocolate is special, so why not a chocolate Lai See for this CNY? 

Our chocolate


We make dark chocolate by hand in Hong Kong following the bean-to-bar process to retain the natural taste and benefits of the cacao.

Our chocolate is made of only two ingredients without any additives.


Our bars are healthy, highly nutrient-dense and a great source of plant protein.


Vegan and hipster friendly. 

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Conspiracy Chocolate

Crafted in a licensed food factory in Wong Chuk Hang