What is CBG?


CBG is a newly isolated cannabinoid called Cannabigerol. It is a rare component of the hemp plant but a powerful one associated with a sense of energy and flow, promoting lower anxiety, stronger blood flow and a sharper mind. 


CBG has also been found to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 


For the launch of this new functional product in partnership with our friends at Heavens Please, we have chosen our newly released format: the 15g bar so you can take in all the goodness of the CBG in one eating and there is no dosage issue. One mini bar has 5mg of CBG.


This bar might be small but it is mighty! The perfect pick-me-up, pre-meeting, post-workout, mid-day snack, easy to carry and nibble on throughout the day! 


Ingredients: cacao beans (75%), raw organic cane sugar, CBG isolate (5mg)

Weight: 15g

Serving size: one bar (5mg of CBG)