CBG Mini Bar

What is CBG??


CBG is a newly isolate cannabinoid called Cannabigerol. It is a rare component of the hemp plant but a powerful one associated with a sense of energy and flow, promoting lower anxiety, stronger blood flow and a sharper mind. 


CBG has also been found to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 


For the launch of this new functional product in partnership with our friends at Heavens Please, we have chose our newly released format: the 15g bar.


This bar might be small but it is mighty! The perfect pick-me-up, pre-meeting, post-workout, mid-day snack easy to carry and nibble on throughout the day! 


Ingredients: cacao beans (75%), raw organic cane sugar, CBG isolate (5mg)

Weight: 15g

Serving size: one bar (5mg of CBG)

CBG Mini Bar

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