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Dak Lak 90 is our SIngle Origin Dak Lak, Vietnam plain chocolate a bit darker with 90% cacao, for those who want to enjoy the goodness of cacao with only a hint of sweetness.


Our darker bars are dark but not bitter like the commercial chocolates you may find in the supermarkets. Since commercial chocolate needs to taste the same every time, they mix and burn the cacao beans while roasting so that the flavour is consistent. But this intense roast brings out all the bitterness of the cacao and kills the subtle notes, leaving you with an unpleasant bitter aftertaste and no substance.


Our 90% will take you on a flavour journey with a front, middle and back note for a long lasting experience. 


The dark chocolates are enjoyed slightly differently than the sweeter ones, take a small piece and let it melt on the tongue to take in all the subtle notes and aromas.


Ingredients: cacao beans (Dak Lak), organic raw cane sugar


Percentage: 90%

Weight: 50g

多樂 90% 是我們的越南多樂省原味朱古力,顏色稍深,含有 90% 可可,適合那些想要享受可可的美味且僅帶有一絲甜味的人。我們的黑巧克力棒顏色較深,但不像超市裡出售的商業巧克力那樣苦。由於商業朱古力每次都需要味道相同,因此他們在烘烤時混合併燃燒可可豆,以使味道一致。但這種強烈的烘焙帶出了可可的所有苦味,並消除了微妙的味道,給您留下令人不快的苦味餘味。我們的 90% 將帶您踏上前調、中調和後調的味覺之旅,帶來持久的體驗。這種巧克力棒含糖量低,被認為比大多數巧克力更健康。黑朱古力的享用方式與甜巧克力略有不同,取一小塊,讓它在舌頭上融化,享受所有微妙的味道和香氣。

原材料: 可可豆、有機原蔗糖



Dak Lak Plain 90%

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