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Join  us on Saturday the 28th of May and learn the art of chocolate making from the bean to the bar in our Chocolate Lab!


Time for beaches, warm summer nights and long strolls in the mountains. 

Our summer flavour brings the nostalgia of endless summer holidays where days linger long into the night. 


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Chocolate is going through a craft revolution.


Craft chocolate is a celebration of the cacao bean and a process that calls for small batch high quality chocolate.

Handcrafted from bean to bar in Hong Kong, Conspiracy Chocolate is made for true chocolate lovers.


With the dedication and care that we put into every single one of our chocolate creations and the quality of ingredients we source, we bring an unforgettable and lasting experience to our customers.


Acan begins its life on the cacao tree, then fermented on banana leaves in the same tree’s shade before any new aroma is introduced, amplifying it’s complexity. In a humble homage to the Maya and Aztec who taught us of its wonders, Acan is the world’s first single origin chocolate liqueur.



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We are a Swiss and Israeli couple who met in Hong Kong with a passion for creating food and discovering new combinations of flavours. Chocolate is an integral part of our romance, so naturally we started trying to make our own. 

We began our journey by experimenting with a range of flavours based on our culinary curiosity, combining the Swiss traditional way of making chocolate with the spices and herbs commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine.

After a few months of learning and refining the process in our kitchen in Sai Ying Pun, Conspiracy Chocolate, a small-batch bean-to-bar craft chocolate company was born. We now craft our chocolate in our own licensed chocolate lab in Wong Chuk Hang. 

We believe in challenging the conventional. Conspiracy Chocolate is a tribe of daring souls on a sensory voyage. 

Join the conspiracy!

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  • Are you a chocolatier or a chocolate maker? A chocolatier buys chocolate that has already been made (couverture), usually from the large commercial manufacturers such as Barry Callebaut or Valrhona and they focus on melting the chocolate and giving it various flavours, shapes and texture. A chocolate maker will go a few processes deeper and start with the raw material - cacao bean. This is why the process is called bean-to-bar, because we made a chocolate bar (or sometime even chocolatier work like bonbons and truffles) from the cacao beans. 

  • What is bean-to-bar?  Bean-to-Bar is a movement born in the USA in the 1990s, by people who wanted to deconstruct the process of making chocolate and go back to the way of making chocolate 5000 years ago, with cacao at its centre, You can think of craft chocolate as the craft beer/sourdough/natural wine category. Interestingly, all these products are fermented, meaning have complex flavours and are beneficial for our gut bacteria! you can read more about the process here 

  • Is your chocolate Belgium chocolate?  No!  "Belgium chocolate" is often a generic therm to designate chocolate made by the largest chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut which uses commodity cacao sourced from large African plantations with often-found ethical issues in the supply chain and poor quality cacao beans. 

  • It is Swiss chocolate? we follow the Swiss tradition of chocolate making - after all, Mr. Lindt was the one who accidentally invented the conching machine, cornerstone of the craft chocolate method

  • Where do you buy your chocolate from? we do not work with couverture chocolate (chocolate already made that is melted and shaped), we source our cacao beans from Vietnam and transform it here in Hong Kong

  • Do you work with the farmer directly? yes, direct sourcing is very important to us and other small chocolate maker. The farmer is an integral part of the chocolate making process because he will be fermenting and drying the beans before shipping it over. The farmer is a cacao expert and needs a lot of skills to make sure nothing goes wrong along the way (fermentation can easily go wrong in bad conditions). It is therefore crucial for us to know our farmer and go visit the farm and understand how he works since every small part of the process will count in the end result. Small makers take pride in working with small farms that focus on quality over quantity. 

  • Are you considering other origins? yes always! we are conscious to be working with farmers close to us and so would like to focus on Asian farms. 

  • Is your chocolate bitter? no! compared to the Lindt and other commercial chocolate you might have tried, our (and most craft chocolates) are not bitter! this is because the process and recipe we have developed for this cacao bean stays minimal. Think about how Starbucks roast it coffee dark to make it taste all the same? well it's the same with commercial chocolate - all Lindt bars taste the same because the cacao is over-roasted, You might find our chocolate tasting slightly different from batches to batches. This is because we work with nature and sometimes, the cacao takes a longer time to ferment or dry at the farm. 

  • Is your chocolate vegan? yes all of our bars are dairy-free. In fact, all of our bars are also additives, soy-free and gluten-free (apart from Sourdough since it contains breadcrumbs)


  • What service do you use for delivery? We use SF express for our deliveries, the shipment takes usually 1-2 days once sent, we send out orders on Monday and Wednesdays. 

  • Which shops carry your bars? You can find our shops here 

  • How can I order your chocolate liqueur Acan? Since the bottle is fragile, we need to send the bottles with Gogovan or Lalamove, to order Acan, see here

  • How about your other products? Most shops carry our  crowd-pleasers like Salt & caramel, Hazelnuts, Sichuan pepper and Raspberry, if you are feeling more adventurous, looking for gifts or any other cacao products, better to get them online here

  • Do you deliver all around HK? We deliver where SF goes, which is basically everywhere.. it might take longer to reach faraway destinations.

  • What if I want to add a personal note? We can add a personal note with your order, just let us know the message in your order or separately by email. We can also make some gift boxes. 

  • Can I customise my chocolate? Please reach out to us and we can see what we can do for you! There are some easy way we can customise your bars, we might have a minimum order. 

  • Can I return the chocolate I ordered? We are  in a hot country and we are doing our best to make sure the chocolate is well-packaged and protected but it is not impossible that some orders will be damaged. If this happens to your order, please do reach out to us and we can see what we can do for you! 

  • Do you ship anywhere else? We are working with Easyship to be able to send abroad. Due to the current situation, we have to ship on a case by case as prices change constantly. Please contact us here