Handcrafted in Hong Kong


Conspiracy's first pop-up retail store is coming up!

Get immersed into the fabulous world of cacao and fine chocolate!


The Chocolate Jungle will be selling holiday specials and the full range of products, offer daily events and experiences around chocolate

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The Chocolate Jungle will partnering with fun local brands and experts to host evening tasting and pairing events such as Whisky & Chocolate pairing, Wine & Chocolate pairing , Coffee & Chocolate, Sake & Chocolate, Chocolate tasting and of course, bean-to-bar chocolate making workshops lead by Conspiracy’s own Celine & Amit

The Chocolate Lab

The Chocolate Lab is open!

The Chocolate Lab is the space where we talk about flavours, chocolate making, skills, recipes and news

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Chocolate is going through a craft revolution.


Craft chocolate is a celebration of the cacao bean and a process that calls for small batch high quality chocolate.

Handcrafted from bean to bar in Hong Kong, Conspiracy Chocolate is made for true chocolate lovers.


With the dedication and care that we put into every single one of our chocolate creations and the quality of ingredients we source, we bring an unforgettable and lasting experience to our customers.


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We probably have a selling point close to you!

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We are a Swiss and Israeli couple who met in Hong Kong with a passion for creating food and discovering new combinations of flavours. Chocolate is an integral part of our romance, so naturally we started trying to make our own. 

We began our journey by experimenting with a range of flavours based on our culinary curiosity, combining the Swiss traditional way of making chocolate with the spices and herbs commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine.

After a few months of learning and refining the process in our kitchen in Sai Ying Pun, Conspiracy Chocolate, a small-batch bean-to-bar craft chocolate company was born. We now craft our chocolate in our own licensed chocolate lab in Wong Chuk Hang. 

We believe in challenging the conventional. Conspiracy Chocolate is a tribe of daring souls on a sensory voyage. 

Join the conspiracy!

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