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Sourcing and Ingredients


Our cacao beans come from a single farm the Dak Lak province in Vietnam, they are hand sorted, fermented and dried in natural sunlight. The farm we source from runs as a successful and growing business, they set their own prices and sell directly to us instead of going through a cooperative. 

The tasting notes of the cacao are earthy, spicy and fruity, smooth and full-bodied with a long finish. Craft chocolate focuses on the cacao and adapts the production process to each bag of cacao. It is about letting the true nature of the cacao show, letting the natural aromas shine while retaining the natural health benefits found in cacao. 


Conspiracy chocolate is 75% or higher and does not contain anything besides pure cacao and minimal amounts of organic raw cane sugar. Our chocolate is accidentally vegan.


We offer our community imaginative and harmonious combinations of flavours using high quality ingredients and transforming them slowly and mindfully. We use only natural flavouring such as nuts and spices to retain the health benefits, taste and texture of each individual ingredient. We do not believe in additives and we choose organic wherever possible.



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