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Chocolate cutting


The Conspiracy

Conspiracy Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker specialised in good flavour, through combination of traditional technique with modern food science and culinary arts.


We spend equal time on chocolate production as on research & development. Conspiracy’s Chocolate Lab on Hong Kong Island is constantly studying the boundaries of flavour and how they can be pushed, only with the use of naturally occurring ingredients and gentle processing which does not remove nutrition from our beloved foods.


At a given time 30-40 experiments are ongoing in the Lab, and once in a while when a truly beautiful design comes together, when it becomes irresponsible of our team to keep it secret / and when we are too eager to share, these creations launch to be shared with our friends everywhere.


Everything made in the Chocolate Lab is designed to challenge your palate and enable your kitchens.


We are incredibly lucky to be where we are, surrounded by creative projects across all realms of food and art. Chocolate pairs well with almost anything, and we often partner up with other teams that share the same creative determination to invent more together.

Chocolate Makers


We are a Swiss and Israeli couple who met in Hong Kong with a passion for creating food and discovering new combinations of flavours. Chocolate is an integral part of our romance, so naturally we started trying to make our own. 


We began our journey by experimenting with a range of flavours based on our culinary curiosity, combining the Swiss traditional way of making chocolate with the spices and herbs commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine.


After a few months of learning and refining the process in our kitchen in Sai Ying Pun, Conspiracy Chocolate, a small-batch bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker was born. We now craft our chocolate in our own licensed Chocolate Lab in Wong Chuk Hang. 


We believe in challenging the conventional. Conspiracy Chocolate is a tribe of daring souls on a sensory voyage. 

Join the conspiracy!



Conspiracy’s lead R&D chef Zarah Tang is a mean flavour machine. Her curiosity balances hard-earned skill and ambition with a samurai’s solemn humility. She is a fierce savoury chef applying knowledge from culinary school, lessons from her time cooking at Okra, and a deep understanding of ingredients on a new set of challenges in the Chocolate Lab.

Her background as a certified Kikisake-Shi, or saké sommelier, developed Zarah’s palate to detect the finest notes of flavour. A master of finesse and detail, Zarah’s brain is full of knowledge of tea, saké, coffee, European and Asian ingredients and both classical and modern technique. When you taste a bar of Conspiracy and find a blissful balance of flavour, most likely this is due to Zarah’s sharp palate. This speaks to her wider sense of balance as she masters French technique applied on Asian ingredients, layering bold flavours with soft end-notes to perfect harmony. She is mostly interested in the textures of food so it’s no surprise that her favourite chocolate bar is coarse ground.

When she’s not sippin’ herbs with an elderly tea seller, Zarah enjoys Dai Pai Dong’s for their cozy atmosphere and strong flavours. Her favourite smell is funky and her vice is jigsaw puzzles. What superpower would she like to have? Zarah doesn’t need a super power.

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