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This special flavour echoes to the first way of consuming cacao, coarsely ground in a stone grinder by hand.


We wanted to recreate the feel of enjoying the cacao in a similar way to how it was consumed in Central America about 5000 years ago. A crunchy texture and a punchy flavour, this bar is bold, unique and deeply satisfying!


This chocolate is 80% to enjoy all the aromas of the single origin Dak Lak cacao.


Ingredients: cacao beans (80%), raw organic cane sugar


Weight: 50g 

這種特殊的味道會給你帶來可可最原始的食用方式,即在石磨機中手工粗磨。我們為您精心打造 5000 年前中美洲人享受可可的快感。鬆脆的質地和濃郁的味道,大膽、獨特且令人深感滿足!這款80%朱古力 享有獨有產地--多樂省 可可的所有香氣。它的口感比傳統的奶油巧克力更清淡,通常被認為是全球罕見的。




Coarse Ground

  • Store in a cool dry place away from the light. Ideal temperature is 12-20 degrees. If some spotes or a white film appears on the bar, it is not mould, it is simply the cacao butter that comes at the surface of the bar due to changes of temperature and/or humidity. It is still perfectly delicious to eat.

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