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The Chocolate Atelier

Step into a world of pure chocolate enchantment with our Chocolate Atelier Concept.


This immersive experience is a celebration of all things chocolate, designed for families, friends, and chocolate enthusiasts alike.

We've curated a series of interactive stations, each offering a unique chocolate-making or tasting experience.What sets our Atelier apart is the freedom it provides; guests can explore the stations at their own pace, engaging with the activities that pique their interest.

During the afternoon, we focus on kid-friendly stations, where young and old can unlock their inner chocolatier. In the evening, we shift gears towards more adult-oriented activities, offering delightful pairings of chocolate with fine wines, teas, and other flavours.


Whether you're crafting your own chocolate truffles, savouring a tasting flight, or exploring the art of pairing, the Chocolate Atelier Concept promises an unforgettable journey into the world of chocolate artistry.

As chocolate makers we’ve dreamt of a magical place where guests could experience chocolate in all its forms and shapes, flavours and texture, tasting and making, learning and enjoying. 

The Chocolate Atelier will be set up in the elegant and modern multi-purpose space, Concentric. Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in a range of chocolate activities and taste a collection of chocolate creations, learning about the ancient traditions of cacao along the way.

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Visitors will have access to a range of free-flow non-alcoholic cacao-based beverages, chocolate tasting nibbles, a-la-carte cacao cocktails, a hot chocolate bar with free-flow toppings, and environmentally-responsible alcoholic beverages such as natural wines, sake and local craft beer, all paired with or including chocolate or cacao, as well as fresh, hot savoury food from Catchic, Centricity’s restaurant. 


To complete this chocolate wonderland, the main features will be the ongoing chocolate experiences run by a collective of experts and sommeliers in their respective fields, including both hands-on workshops such as chocolate truffle rolling, chocolate bar making and a cacao cocktail workshop, as well as tastings and pairings of chocolate and rare teas, chocolate and wine, chocolate and sake. 

Chocolate Ateliers


Chocolate Truffle Making

Chocolate Bar Making

Chocolate & Wine / Tea / Sake Pairing

Chocolate Mixology Masterclass


Saturday, December 2nd

1pm to 7pm




Concentric - Centricity

2/F, LANDMARK Chater House, 8 Connaught Rd Central

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See you there!

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