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Bar Stories: Strawberry Basil

Released: July 2021

This bar is a nostalgic longing of European summers when the evening cools down and the smell of fresh herbs come up from the ground to fill the air, when a light breeze brings the grassy field into movement and the strawberries mark the sweet end of a long friendly dinner on the terrace.

These juicy and punchy wild strawberries bring fond memories for Celine who used to collect some in her grandmother's garden. Basil is a quintessential herb for the mediterranean cuisine, giving dishes this uniquely fresh and almost peppery kick.

The combination of both the strawberry and the basil gives a well balance bar with some sweet berry and almost lemony notes from the strawberries and some green, grassy and a sort of complex freshness from the basil leaves. These two flavours marry divinely with the dark smooth Dak Lak chocolate.

A summery bar that will bring you right into a flowery field on a warm summer night.

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