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Happy Earth Day!

We are excited to provide an update on our ongoing commitment to sustainable packaging in celebration of Earth Month!

As our company has grown, our main goal has always been to create eco-friendly packaging to fight back on overproduced plastic in packaging; As a result we are proud to say we’ve made tremendous improvements to our packaging over the years by researching and testing alternatives making it more reliable, sustainable and visually appealing all at the same time.

Here's more information on our packaging and the story behind the creative process.


What material is the plastic-looking internal wrapper made of?

The selected wrapper for our new packaging is crafted from wood fibre cellulose, designed to decompose within 60 days under anaerobic conditions - meaning it decomposes without the need for oxygen, instead relying on moisture and naturally occurring microorganisms in any soil to facilitate breakdown. To expedite the degradation process, we recommend placing the wrapper in the soil of your potted plants or compost, with even quicker results if it is cut open/flat or even better, into smaller pieces beforehand.

While this wrapper breaks down easily after usage, it remains airtight and provide a good barrier to moisture and odours keeping the chocolate fresh on your favourite shop’s shelf.

Why is it challenging to find alternatives to plastic packaging? 

When we initially established the company, we had to make compromises in our packaging design due to cost constraints. We opted for an envelope made of plastic-lined kraft paper to provide the natural feel on the outer envelope while the plastic inner layer would provide a good protection to the chocolate. We liked that the bar could be seen through the middle window, giving an idea of the bar's flavour. However, over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement and refining our packaging that could both provide protection for the chocolate and be sustainable.

To ensure the chocolate arrives in optimal condition, it is crucial to use food-safe and air-tight packaging, especially considering Hong Kong's high humidity conditions. However, the majority of available packaging materials are not classified as "food grade," which means they are not suitable for storing food. Many organic materials, while biodegradable, allow air and moisture to pass through, posing a risk to the quality and freshness of the chocolate in a humid environment.

Fortunately, more recently there is an increasing availability of biodegradable materials that offer air-tight packaging solutions. As part of our sustainability journey, we have adopted a plastic wrapping alternative called NatureFlex™ which is compostable plant-based material to protect the quality of our chocolate. this material is known for its ability to provide an air-tight barrier, safeguarding the chocolate from moisture and preserving its quality during transit. By utilising this eco-friendly packaging option, we can ensure that our chocolate reaches its destination in excellent condition while also aligning with our commitment to reducing environmental impact.

When it comes to sourcing our materials, we prioritise minimising our carbon footprint by avoiding lengthy supply chains. At present, we import these materials from Australia. However, we are optimistic that in the near future, we will have access to comparable alternatives that are closer to Hong Kong.

Tell me more about the playful external envelope:

The three enemies to chocolate's freshness are light, moisture, and temperature fluctuation.

While the inner wrapper protects the chocolate from moisture, the main and practical purpose of the envelope is to protect from light and of course, warmth of hands making it easier to ship and store.

The earliest art style on the front of our old packaging was created by the talented artist Alison Tan. Her original five art pieces perfectly captured our essence at that time. As we have evolved and our product range grew, Celine, our co-founder, has worked to create newer designs and adaptations of the original art for our current packaging.

The design of the outer paper envelope beautifully reflects the fun, wild, and adventurous nature of our chocolate flavours. It serves as a visual representation of the unique and exciting taste experiences that await inside. We believe that the packaging should evoke a sense of joy and curiosity, enticing customers to explore and indulge in our delicious chocolate creations.

The back of our packaging design features a staircase pattern, which holds significant meaning for us. This shape symbolises the Mayan pyramids and serves as a tribute to the ancient Mayan civilisation. The Mayans were pioneers in creating a culture centred around the consumption of cacao, with a history dating back 5,000 years. Their remarkable inventions, including cacao beverages are only part of their cultural contributions to humanity. We find it essential to acknowledge and express our gratitude towards the Mayan people for their profound influence on the world of chocolate. By incorporating this pyramid pattern, we aim to honour their legacy beginning the history of cacao.

The inner lining of our packaging showcases the chocolate-making steps beautifully illustrated on the card's interior flaps. These detailed illustrations guide you through the process and add a touch of artistry to the packaging experience. The central drawing portrays a magical and serene scene set in the South American jungle. It features a hidden Mayan pyramid surrounded by vibrant tropical wildlife and plantation. This artwork harmonises with our exterior packaging and visually embodies our brand's commitment to being close to nature. By working in the past with Merakilya and incorporating these illustrations, we aim to visually express our brand values while providing a delightful and immersive experience for our customers.

Old Packaging New Packaging Inside the envelope


Our journey has been a remarkable one, and while we have made significant progress, we remain committed to continuous improvement. We are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of our dedicated team here at Conspiracy and, of course, our valued customers. Together, we have achieved great milestones, and we look forward to further advancements on our path towards excellence.

We hope you'll continue to follow us along our journey.

To find more information on our sustainability efforts and approach, please click here.

Drafted by Daniela Bailey

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