Dak Lak Plain 100% Cacao

100% cacao dark chocolate from a single farm in Dak Lak. Micro batch, only have a few bars available. No sugar, keto-friendly.

The tasting notes are: spicy on the tongue, followed by some fruity and slightly acidic notes and a nutty finish. 


Ingredients: cacao beans (Dak Lak)

Percentage: 100%

Nutritional information (per 100g): Energy 406 Kcal/1698 kj - Protein 9.9g - Total fat 40.6g - Saturated fat 24.7g - Trans fat 0g -Total carbohydrates 20.8g - Dietary fibre 7.5g - Sugars 0g - Sodium 0mg

Weight: 50g

Dak Lak Plain 100% Cacao

  • Store in a cool dry place away from the light. Ideal temperature is 12-20 degrees. If some spotes or a white film appears on the bar, it is not mould, it is simply the cacao butter that comes at the surface of the bar due to changes of temperature and/or humidity. It is still perfectly delicious to eat.

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Cacao flavour map