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Whisky infused chocolate


We are proud to be partnering with The Whiksy Library and Douglas Laing to offer these limited release bars. 


This bar has been infused for 4 days with Scallywag whisky brings to our earthy Single Origin chocolate some distinct notes of  vanilla, ginger, sweet stewed fruits, dark chocolate fused with nutmeg and cinnamon.


About Scallywag

Inspired by a long line of Douglas Laing family Fox Terriers, Scallywag Malt Scotch Whisky is a marriage of aged Speyside Single Malts matured predominantly in Spanish Sherry casks. The resulting Whisky reveals an explosion of rich, dark fruits, chocolate and spice interwoven with late vanilla. Award-winning Scallywag is bottled and released in genuinely small, precious batches. Part of the Remarkable Regional Malts range, the ultimate distillation of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Regions.


Weight: 50g

威士忌巧克力我們很榮幸能與The Whisky Library和Douglas Laing合作推出這些限量版巧克力棒。




Scallywag威士忌是受到Douglas Laing家族一系列狐貍梗犬的啟發而誕生的,它是一款由陳年Speyside單一麥芽威士忌組成的混合威士忌,主要在西班牙雪莉木桶中陳釀。它呈現出豐富的黑色水果、巧克力和香料的味道,與香草交織在一起。備受讚譽的Scallywag以真正小批量的方式進行灌裝和發布。作為Remarkable Regional Malts系列的一部分,它代表了蘇格蘭麥芽威士忌地區的極致精釀。



Scallywag Whisky Chocolate

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