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Newly arrived in our Spirit Chocolate Line this SPQR Rum from Samaroli is our first collab with the Italian independent bottler and spirit crafter.


This dark 75% bar marries divinely with the rum, brining out some notes of dried figs, dates, linden honey, sundries apricots, sweet spices and a hint of saffron.


This opulent, virile, generous and expressive, rum comes through in this chocolate bar. In fact, our spirit collection allows you to taste the nuances of flavour in the spirit without any of the alcohol content!


To be enjoyed without moderation.


Ingredients: cacao beans, raw cane sugar, SPRQ Rum

Weight: 50g


全新加入我們的Spirit Chocolate系列的Samaroli SPQR Rum是我們與意大利獨立瓶裝酒生產商和烈酒制作師的首次合作。









SPQR Samaroli Rum Infused Chocolate

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