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Introduction to Conspiracy Chocolate

Hi chocolate addicts and fellow conspirators! The Chocolate Lab is a digital manifestation of our real Chocolate Lab, where we research, develop, and produce our chocolate.

It’s a collection of the thoughts of two chocolate makers, recipes, tutorials and conversations. We hope to share with you and learn from you as well. We will announce new flavours here and discuss the ongoings of the lab.

The goal of this project is to establish a two way connection with chocolate lovers and the choco-curious around the world. We would also like to hear your thoughts, recipes and ideas! And in return, you will get to partake in this journey of chocolate making and discovery, the definition of new flavours and our wild brainstorm sessions.

Lastly, this will be a place where we share the stage with experts and nerds of food, flavour, and other passionate projects that we can not look away from. I would love to hear from you if you would like to do something together. Reach out at

Welcome to the Conspiracy, and the Chocolate Lab!


P.S. a short story by Douglas Adams,

One of the greatest benefactors of all lifekind was a man who couldn't keep his mind

on the job in hand.



One of the foremost genetic engineers of his or any other generation, including a

number he had designed himself?

Without a doubt.

The problem was that he was far too interested in things which he shouldn't be

interested in, at least, as people would tell him, not now.

He was also, partly because of this, of a rather irritable disposition.

So when his world was threatened by terrible invaders from a distant star, who were

still a fair way off but travelling fast, he, Blart Versenwald III (his name was Blart

Versenwald III, which is not strictly relevant, but quite interesting because - never

mind, that was his name and we can talk about why it's interesting later), was sent

into guarded seclusion by the masters of his race with instructions to design a

breed of fanatical superwarriors to resist and vanquish the feared invaders, do it

quickly and, they told him, "Concentrate!"

So he sat by a window and looked out at a summer lawn and designed and

designed and designed, but inevitably got a little distracted by things, and by the

time the invaders were practically in orbit round them, had come up with a

remarkable new breed of super-fly that could, unaided, figure out how to fly through the

open half of a half-open window, and also an off-switch for children. Celebrations

of these remarkable achievements seemed doomed to be shortlived because disaster

was imminent as the alien ships were landing. But astoundingly, the fearsome invaders

who, like most warlike races were only on the rampage because they couldn't cope with

things at home, were stunned by Versenwald's extraordinary breakthroughs, joined in

the celebrations and were instantly prevailed upon to sign a wide-ranging series of

trading agreements and set up a programme of cultural exchanges. And, in an

astonishing reversal of normal practice in the conduct of such matters, everybody

concerned lived happily ever after.

There was a point to this story, but it has temporarily escaped the chronicler's mind.

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