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As a chocolate company, one of the most fun thing for us is to partner with some funky brands and develop new concepts! 

We love collaborations because it allows us to develop new products and invent new techniques but most and foremost to meet brilliant people and bring some new ideas, often from different worlds together and see where it goes!

Below is some example of collabs we did, if you have any ideas for a fun collab, please do reach out here!

Cocktail Garnish Mirage-Renaissance Hotel

A white chocolate and raspberry garnish to accompany  a rum-based raspberry and citrus cocktail.


Otto e Mezzo Bombana

Conspiracy' supplies chocolate bonbons as part of the dessert cart of Bombana, the only 3 Michelin Star Italian restaurant outside of Italy. Try our Pistachio, Passionfruit and signature dark bonbons.

Bombana pistachio

COA Mezcal Bar

This La Travesia mezcal chocolate is the result of playing together with our friends at COA. In flavour it's often those that grow together go together. Agave & Cacao are ancient neighbours-in-soil so it's no surprise that this smokey-earthy-fruity union feels like it was made in arcadian heaven.

Coa Mezcal

World Vermouth Domination 

Conspiracy developed vermouth chocolate bonbons to accompany 2 cocktails developed by Mixologist Daniel Valencia (PDT) at the World Vermouth Domination event in March.


Valentine's Day Bonbons for Hari Hotel

Two hazelnut-filled heart-shaped bonbons where given to the restaurant guests during Valentine's Day

Conspiracy Chocolate

New Year Gift by Black Sheep 

As a gift for their exclusive clients, Black Sheep restaurant group sought a unique flavour and luxurious packaging

Black sheep

Official Chocolate partner of Douglas Laing

Conspiracy is the official chocolate partner of Scottish Independent Bottler Douglas Laing, making Big Peat and Scallywag Whisky Chocolates,, distributed through the Whisky Library in Hong Kong.

Big Peat Whiskey Chocolate

Negroni Week

Our chocolate garnish complemented the drinks designed by PDT and MO Bar for Negroni week 2022. A vegan coconut truffle with a coconut negroni and a cigar-smoked chocolate with a smokey negroni.


K11 Artus Amenities

For the festive season, we have partnered with K11 Artus to bring our signature Spiced Hot Cocoa, Chocolate-covered Almonds and our chocolate liqueur Acan.

Conspiracy Chocolate

Nordic chocolate for HJEM

A friendly neighbourhood nordic cafe needed some chocolate to match their concept. The flavours include lingonberry, buckwheat and thier house coffee blend. The design is also very nordic to match the style of their interior. 

Nordic chocolate

Chocolate & Mezcal with COA

Asia's top bar is specialised in Mezcal and fine spirits from Mexico. We have partnered on Valentine's Day to offer a Mezcal X Chocolate tasting flight - developing chocolate flavours that pair with 4 very unique mezcal, playing on the smoke and mineral elements. 

Chocolate & Mezcal with COA

Imperial Conspiracy

Our friends at Black Kite invited us for a factory tour and it ended up in a passionate discussion about how to infuse cacao into beer and resulted in an imperial stout made combining the process of chocolate making and beer making.

Imperial Conspiracy

Diwali chocolates

When our friends at Bengal Brothers brought their spices and some funky Indian desserts to play around with, we all got excited and released two flavours to celebrate Diwali, the festival of light. One bar is covered in flowers and the other one is made with Soan Padi and cardamom, while the design is made following the Bengal Brothers colourful and rounded vibe. 

Diwali chocolates

Cacao Beer x Yardley Brothers

Famous for their intense flavours, unique combinations, special yeasts and funky labels - a cacao-based beer with Yardley was an easy collaboration! The beer making and chocolate making process both bring art and science together. This beer is an alcoholic hot chocolate!

Cacao Beer x Yardley Brothers

Cocktail Garnish PDT Bar

A chocolate addition to a summery strawberry and plum cocktail

PDT Cokctail

Chocolate bonbons for Asaya Kitchen, Rosewood 

Conspiracy's floral earl grey bonbons were served as mignardises in a special menu developed by chef Fabio of Asaya Kitchen for Rosewood's 4 year anniversary.

Conspiracy Chocolate

COA's Mole Negroni

A hand-pipped chocolate garnish and cacao husks for COA's new cacao cocktail Mole Negroni

Mole Negroni

Landmark Mandarin Oriental Bonbons

A luxurious box of 4 Morello sour cherry and earl grey bonbons were served to guests of Amber, MO Bar and Somm on Valentine's Day

LMO bonbons

Reverso Chocolates for Jaeger-LeCoultre

An homage to the Reverso watch,  this chocolate gift set were made for Jaeger-LeCoultre to celebrate the 91st anniversary of the iconic watch. As Swiss chocolate maker, the brand felt Conspiracy was the right partner to deliver quality chocolates to their best cleints. 


Anniversary bar for Hari hotel

An amenity for all the hotel guest during the hotel's Second Anniversary



We have partnered with MO Bar and PDT, and SOMM at Landmark Mandarin for Movember, making chocolate moustaches and chocolate coated cocktail bottles.


Mahjong Bonbons

For this CNY project with Antique Patisserie, we have developed 7 flavours with an Asian zest to create sets of 14 mahjong tiles - all filled with soft elaborated fillings.

Majong Bonbons

Fashion chocolate for MFVD

We curated 7 flavours that matches the cities where Marie France Van Damme has a physical shop - travelling through chocolate.

Flavours: Soy caramel, Smoked pineapple, Hojicha, Orange peel, Date & pistachio, Lemongrass & coconut, Rose harissa

Conspiracy Chocolate

Cacao Kombucha with Taboocha

A cacao and pu'er tea kombucha made by the masters Taboocha for Christmas.


CNY Advent Calendar

The first Chinese New Year advent calendar! In collaboration with 852prints (design) and Humid with a chance of Fishballs (cultural tours), we developed a cultural calendar that educates about the traditions around CNY. The chocolates were seasonal flavours to complement the activities and stories. 

CNY chocolate

Eaton Hotel Amenities

 We have crafted a 3 bars to retrace the story of the hotel from being a cinema with a popcorn caramel bar to becoming a unique alternative culture hotspot with a modern Chinese twist. The design of the label collects key decorative elements from the hotel. 

Hotel Chocolate

Advent Calendar with Tisarom

An gourmet version of an advent calendar - the childhood pleasure of opening little doors but with fine French herbal teas and bean-to-bar chocolates of assorted flavours.  

Advent Calendar 2021

Old Fashioned bar for Stockton

Stockton wanted a special flavour for their Christmas hamper and they gave us their Old Fashioned to be infused in chocolate. The result was a beautifully orange

Asset 3


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