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From bean to bar



Conspiracy Chocolate was begun by two humans living on planet Earth during a time where humans are concerned about our home.


This planet’s habitability to us humans and fellow animals is everybody’s concern. Still, we feel that as a business so close to nature, this topic touches close to home and we carry a further responsibility, not only to build our company’s operations sustainably but also to lead by example.


Sustainability in food supply chain is a challenge because it is often weighed not only against profit, but also against food safety on the way to and in your favourite shop and in your home. The good news is that good people around the world are working on solutions to these issues, and therefore every day we get closer to meeting all of our sustainability goals.


In this page we will outline our goals, our progress, and our challenges in making and delivering chocolate safely to both your and our planet’s health. While we do our best researching and implementing solutions, we are open to hearing yours. Every one of our goals is open to discussion. Whether you are a sustainability professional or just a smart human, we are interested to hear your ideas to meet the goals we are still working on.

Please do get in contact if you would like to help, even if it’s only half an idea.


For those looking for our clear-cut commitment, you can find our sustainability statement here.

Zero organic waste in the Chocolate Lab

cacao bag
Conspiracy chocolate

Recyclable packaging

Minimizing carbon footprint in global shiping

Drying cacao beans

Farmer's fair pay

Zero inorganic waste in the Chocolate Lab


Minimizing carbon footprint on local shipping

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