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The face of retail in Asia is changing. Customers turned into guests and the lines between retail and experience design have become blurred. Experience design is about story telling, and chocolate can play a major part in telling the story of a brand or location.

Conspiracy Chocolate

Over the past 5 years

The rise of craft coffee changes the face of cafés, upgrading their wider offerings. Today it is hard to find a quality café in Hong Kong that doesn’t offer bean-to-bar or single origin chocolate.

E-commerce shops reached new levels of specialisation, offering customers products they are genuinely interested in.

Brick-and-mortar stores shifted focus to experience-driven retail.

Luxury hotels globally began upgrading their chocolate offering.

Increased access to culinary and nutrition content lead to the rise of a new tier of foodies.

High-sugar, low-nutrition snacks fell out of fashion.

Including gourmet chocolate in your product range allows customers an intimate connection with your brand. The flavours which best tell your brand’s story become a take-home memory to be enjoyed and shared with friends, and these aesthetic, fine chocolates tell a story of good taste.

Are you looking to create a more intimate experience in your store?

Conspiracy offers our partners additional items that increase engagement and allow further story telling.

Conspiracy chocolate

We offer:

Bespoke Events

Chocolate events are the meeting point between a modern refined experience and your inner child’s happy place.


While Conspiracy Chocolate host our own events, we often partner with makers, brands, artists, venues and businesses to host a unique chocolate event.


Our events are fun and accessible whilst maintaining the necessary technical aspects. Guests leave with both real practical knowledge on tasting or making chocolate along with a creation of their own making.

Our more accessible events include:

  • Chocolate tasting from bean to bar (45m-1.5h)

  • Wine & chocolate pairing - ranging from casual/lounge to a fully technical pairing event. (45m-2h)

  • Pairing with any of the following: Whiskey, Tea, Coffee, Sake, even beer. (1-2h)

  • Chocolate truffle making class (45m-1h)

  • Chocolate Lab tour + tasting (1.5h)

Some of these classes can be organised via zoom and will be ingredients delivered to participants

Cutting chocolate
Cheffing up chocolate

Our more advanced events include:

  • Bean to bar chocolate making workshop (1.5-2h)

  • Ganaches & bobons series (multiple classes)



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