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Chocolate Jungle

Cocoa Skincare Workshop

Come discover the exceptional properties of cocoa and make your own skincare products!

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Cocoa Skincare Workshop
Cocoa Skincare Workshop


2021年12月02日 下午5:00 – 下午6:30

Chocolate Jungle, 1 Leung I Fong, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong



Bean to skin, a win for skin!

The conspiracy around this royal bean throws us back to as early as 1500 - 400 BC.

The cocoa or cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, was cultivated and consumed by civilization and still is considered one of the most important perennial crops in the world due to its economic relevance for the chocolate and cosmetics industries.

Theobroma cacao pod-like fruit contains beans, that yields precious cosmetic ingredients; the cocoa powder and butter. Cocoa butter, a light yellow and fragrant solid fat, is one of the most expensive vegetable fats in the world.

The cocoa powder is used as a cosmetic ingredient, highly recommended in spa treatments and products such as masks, creams, scrubs and balms. The cocoa powder has a different chemical composition from the cocoa butter but both ingredients are a great nourishing addition to so many products.

Dark chocolate is pure goodness for our mind and body and our skin. How does it help our skin?

Come, find why chocolate is a win for any skin type, find the answers to many more questions, and make some skin food with us.

What will we make?

Cacao based Body and lip Scrub

Cacao based Lip balm

Cacao based superfood facial masque

This workshop will be led by Florentin Skincare - a local brand started in 2020 by Riki, a nature-lover who started experimenting with the formulation of non-artificial products in the broader sense (home cleaning, skincare, and personal wellness). The vast natural world around us contains everything our bodies require in the healthiest form. 

Her passion for exploring and discovering the potency of plant-based skincare set the foundation for Florentin Skincare.


  • Cocoa Skincare Workshop





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