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A spring bundle with our floral Blossom and Jasmine bars




A dark 75% chocolate bar with floral jasmine tea 
Continuing on our quest to bring teas into chocolate, we have created this beautiful match with the tea from our friends at Paper & Tea. 
In The Mood for Love brings forward the notes of jasmine, apricot and sweet rose. An easy to love bar light for the summer.




This 60% dark chocolate with a blend of osmanthus flowers, rose petals and pink peppercorns for an explosion of flavours. 
Osmanthus is a flower that doesn't have a traditional floral smell. In fact, osmanthus has a distinctive fruity aroma. It smells a lot like peach and apricot. 
Bringing out a more floral taste, the rose petals add a touch of pink and a delicate taste. While these two play nice together, the pink peppercorns round off the flavour with their spicy fruitiness making this bar an explosion for your senses.

Spring Bundle

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